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Saskatchewan Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Inc. (SDHHS)

is a bi-lingual,  bi-cultural, non-profit organization which provides support services and programs for persons with hearing loss.

SDHHS is governed by a Board of Directors and serves the province of Saskatchewan.



To support the independence of Deaf, Deafened and Hard of Hearing people

by providing services which enhance their quality of life.


A world without barriers for people who are Deaf, Deafened or Hard of Hearing.


Communication with respect, dignity, and cultural sensitivity

Collaboration and cooperation among individuals and communities

Self-determination, empowerment, and choice

Operational integrity and accountability that inspires trust



Serving Saskatchewan Since 1981



2018 Board of Directors

  • Gord Hein: President
  • Allard Thomas: Vice President
  • Caroline Caul: Secretary
  • Paulette Smith: Director
  • Art Hillcox: Director
  • Michelle Grodecki: Director
  • Jason Hale: Director
  • Ashley Corriveau: Director
  • Gale Estell: Director



  • 1980-Saskatchewan Coordinating Council begins work on establishing a service delivery agency in the province
  • 1981-The Saskatchwan Kinsmen Foundation agrees to provide a one time startup grant for interpreter services of $40,000. The Saskatchewan Department of Continuing Education commits funds for the hiring of an Executive Director and two Training on the job Officer. Saskatchewan Social Services agrees to provide additional funds for the interpreter services
  • 1981-May 25th, Services for Hearing Impaired Persons Inc. is incorprated under the Non-Profit Corporations Act of Saskatchewan.
    1. Tom Howe:President
    2. Howard Miller:Vice President
    3. Allard Thomas:Treasurer
    4. Liz Warren:Secretary
    5. Walter Mason:Membership Chairperson
    6. Ruth Warick:Finance
    7. Betty Hall:Member
    8. Carolyn Beally:Member
    9. Susan Alexander:Member
    10. Betty McHab:Member
  • 1981-Oct 2nd and 3rd a conference on “Future Directions” is held to officially launch S.H.I.P. (Services for Hearing Impaired Persons)Gordon Ryall Regional Director of the Canadian Hearing Society is in attendance
  • 1981-Gordon Ryall is hired as the Executive Director of S.H.I.P. in December. S.H.I.P’s Head office is established in Regina with a sattelliteoffice in Saskatoon.
  • 1983-Funding received for a part time Social Worker in Saskatoon from the United Way.
  • 1984-Telewriter service adopted and provided to entire province
  • 1987-Telewriter service adopted by SaskTel and renamed SaskTel Relay Service
  • 1991-S.H.I.P. changes name to Saskatchewan Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (SDHHS). A new mission statement and values list is adopted.
  • 2012-SDHHS Executive Director, Roger Carver, signs a partnership agreement with the Canadian Hearing Society to provide access to technology and devices to Saskatchewan residents.
  • 2013-Logo facelift and new motto for SDHHS: Bridging The Gap
  • 2018-In collaboration with the Canada-Saskatchewan Early Learning and Child Care Agreement SDHHS opens the first     bi-lingual bi-cultural D/HH Preschool in Saskatoon.
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