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SLIC First Presentation

SDHHS  (Saskatchewan Deaf and Hard of Hearing Service) hosted Sign Language Institute of Canada Presentation on November 23rd. It was presented by Gary Malkowski and Angela Petrone Stratiy. We had 50 people on Zoom, and we all were pleased to see this happening. It was the first SLIC Presentation from Angela and Gary on Zoom. There was some really useful information for everyone. SDHHS staff believes that it’s really important to acknowledge and educate to the others to build SLIC Members and Supporters for our precious future!

For the ones that missed out, please get in touch with your organization and ask them to host SLIC Presentation. This will help to continue educate the other Canadians.

For the ones that wants to host the SLIC Presentation, please get in touch with Gary or Angela through their SLIC Website. Also, we will be happy to help explain how to run Zoom and how to make some noise!  

Again, Thank you to Gary and Angela for their SLIC Presentation, and we really hope this will help our future by growing some more SLIC Members and ASL Pis!

SLIC has a website with some information. Please go to:
SLIC Presentation on Zoom tease clip on YouTube:

posted on December 1, 2020

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