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What are SDHHS Vocational Services?


Vocational Services at SDHHS offer supports to d/Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Deaf-Blind, and Late Deafened individuals in the areas of education, training, and employment. SDHHS Vocational Workers collaborate with other agencies, educational institutions, government departments, and businesses for consumers to achieve their goals. Vocational Workers also advocate and promote awareness surrounding hearing loss and the unique communication needs that may be involved. There is no fee for Vocational Services at SDHHS. Vocational Services at SDHHS are funded through the Government of Saskatchewan, Ministry of Immigration and Career Training. Services are provided from the point of intake/registration through education, training, and job searching, into work placements throughout Saskatchewan. The overall goal of the Vocational Workers at SDHHS is to create accessible, equitable and inclusive environments for everyone in Saskatchewan.



Northern Saskatchewan Vocational Service Staff:

Jody Thompson



Southern Saskatchewan Vocational Service Staff:

Patti Spicer







What Do We Offer?


  • Evaluations
  • Career Choices
  • Labour Market Information
  • Training Centre referrals
  • Grant and Loan application support
  • Interpreting support
  • Signing Job Coaching
  • Training on the Job
  • Job Maintenance
  • Individual supports
  • Workplace literacy
  • Skills training workshops
  • Resume writing
  • Job search skills
  • Wage Subsidy agreements

Signing Job Coach


Signing Job Coaches allows for full communication support between prospective employees who are D/HH and their current or potential employers. Job Coach Services include support from the start of training through to follow-up visitations at no cost.


Employment, Education, Training


Employment: SDHHS provides assistance with career counseling based on an individual’s interests, abilities and skills. We help with resume development, job searching, practicing interview skills, onsite assessments, and with making employment accessible for everyone.


Education: SDHHS supports consumers in choosing an educational path and help with applications or registrations to post secondary institutions or training facilities. Workers can also assist in applying for funding sources such as student loans, scholarships, and the Canada/Saskatchewan Student Grant for Services and Equipment for Persons with Permanent Disabilities.


Training: SDHHS offers training in job search skills, resume writing, and interview techniques, training on the job supports, communication supports, and job coaches. We also provide referrals to other training agencies as appropriate.

Benefits to Consumers


  1. Counselling and training in Job Readiness
  2. Independence and inclusion in the work place
  3. Accommodations and supports as necessary
  4. Follow-ups with employees and employers to ensure successful, long-term work placements
  5. Support in maintaining clear and direct communication between you and your employers

Benefits to Employers


  1. Impacting the community through diversity in the workplace
  2. Wage subsidy program possibilities
  3. Access to pre-screened candidates
  4. Hiring reliable, long term employees
  5. Support in maintaining clear and direct communication between you and your employee