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What is Children, Communicating, Connecting, in Community, Preschool?


At CCCC Preschool, full access to ASL (American Sign Language) and English is provided using a bilingual, bicultural approach. The program is play based, family oriented, and uses real life materials and experiences to provide meaningful and interesting learning opportunities for children. The CCCC Preschool operates from 9am – 12pm throughout the regular school year.

Preschool Teacher Nicole Musey


Benefits of Learning Sign Language in Preschool


  • Studies show long-term benefits, including a +12 point IQ advantage.
  • Accelerated speech and emotional development.
  • Enables children to communicate effectively.
  • Lowers frustration levels.
  • Reinforces the learning of educational concepts such as ABC’s, animals, and other specific themes.
  • Helps children remember words because there is muscle memory involved; the more senses involved in learning, the greater the retention the child will have.
  • Improves attentiveness to social gestures and surroundings.
  • An increased, diverse vocabulary and the ability to form complex sentences.
  • Development of early reading skills.
  • Better grades in school.
  • Bilingualism boosts brain activity.

What we do at CCCC Preschool


  1. Each child who is d/Deaf or Hard of Hearing will have an individualized Inclusion and Intervention Plan (IIP) designed to support their specific needs.
  2. A Speech Language Pathologist provides speech support.
  3. Community involvement provides positive Deaf and & Hard of Hearing role models.
  4. Both ASL and English are provided by the Lead Educator and the Teaching Assistant.
  5. Respect children as competent learners, building their confidence and independence.
  6. Holistic development and learning (physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual).
  7. Build strong positive relationships.
  8. ASL story time, play time, monthly themes, gym, educational lessons, field trips, community events and much more.
  9. We offer Family Involvement Day which encourages parents, siblings, and other family members to join and build a sense of community and the relationship between school and home.

Who can register?


Children who are d/Deaf, Hard of Hearing or who have a connection to the d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities can apply to the program. This includes children who have a parent, sibling or other family member who is d/Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Consideration can also be given to a d/Deaf or Hard of Hearing child’s peers. Other children who may benefit from the use of sign language are invited to apply. There is no cost for children to attend.

Parent's Quotes


“He’s really improved at home. We’ve noticed a difference at home since he’s been at this program.” Parent of Deaf Child

“Aggression level has come down.” Parent of Deaf child

“A huge difference between a signing preschool and a normal preschool is there’s no pressure for kids to speak or communicate in just one way.” -Deaf parent of a hearing child

Video: Learn More about the Preschool


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