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Jobs at SDHHS!

Sign Support Professional

A Sign Support Professional (SSP) is a fluent ASL user who assists D/deaf, deafened, Deaf-Blind, Deaf-plus, Late Deafened or Hard of Hearing individuals who require additional ASL Language support.

SSP’s assess the needs of learners to help improve their communication skills. SSP’s assist individuals using creativity and by adapting to environments to ensure support of language and communication connections.
*Help individuals communicate with others.
*Teaching ASL to clients connected to SDHHS.
*Adapt learning materials to the persons abilities.
*Creating opportunities to empower people to become more independent.
* Hosting community events to promote inclusion.
*Recognizing and respecting individual supports required.
*Advocating with and for d/Deaf and Hard of hearing clients and the community.
* Ensure that holistic supports are searched for, found, and implemented to achieve the goals and the plans of the client.

Job Requirements
– Fluent in American Sign language / English language
– Post secondary Education in related human service field or combined work life experience relevant to the position.
– Criminal Record Check Vulnerable sector
– First Aid/CPR

Skills needed
– Fluent in American Sign Language
– Problem Solving
– Creativity
– Collaboration
– Empathy
– Adaptability
– Flexibility
– Knowledge of community services agencies

Deadline to apply: June 17, 2024

Please email your cover letter and resume to our Executive Director, Nairn Gilies:

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