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What is Computerized Note-Taking Services (CNS)?


The purpose of the CNS is to provide text for d/Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals in group settings such as meetings, classrooms, workshops, etc. where it may be difficult to access all of the information that is being provided due to a hearing loss. CNS Workers are required to keep all information about the CNS assignment confidential. This includes the persons’ name and any personal information that may be shared during the CNS session. When two CNS Workers are teaming a session, they will share information about the session to provide consistent language and quality of service. CNS Workers must remain neutral at any session.

How Does CNS Work?


The CNS Worker types spoken communication into a laptop, while sitting beside the individual requiring services. Everything that is heard will be captured including lectures, videos, questions, comments, discussions, presentations, environmental sounds (such as a door knock or a fire alarm), and any other information relating to the content of the session or participant interactions. CNS typing can be displayed one-to-one on a monitor or projected onto a larger screen to benefit all participants. CNS Workers can later provide an edited copy of the transcript from the CNS session to the d/Deaf or Hard of Hearing participants.

Booking a CNS Session


The more notice we have, the better able we are to assign a CNS Worker for your session. Two weeks notice is ideal if you require a CNS Worker on a specific date and time. We will do our best to accommodate with less notice.

CNS assignments longer than 1.5 hours will be assessed to determine how many CNS Workers are required in compliance with Occupational Health and Safety standards.


To book CNS please provide the following information:

  • date
  • time and duration
  • location address
  • nature of the assignment


If there is other information available to prepare the CNS worker for the vocabulary that might be used such as abbreviations or course content,  it is helpful to provide this ahead of time and will allow the CNS Worker to be more accurate in their note-taking.

What is the CNS Fee?


The fee is $60.00/hr per CNS Worker (8:00am-4:00pm) with a 1.5 hour minimum charge. After regular business hours, on weekends and holidays, the fee is $70.00/hr per CNS Worker with a 2 hour minimum charge. Mileage is .42/km and travel time is compensated the same as our hourly rates. Please keep in mind, SDHHS has a 24 hour notice of cancellation policy.


SDHHS receives a subsidy from the Government of Saskatchewan which keep costs down. Pending availability of granted funds, there may be free CNS for Sport, Culture, and Recreational activities within the cities of Regina and Saskatoon.


These is made possible through the cities Community Grant Programs which are funded by Saskatchewan Lotteries.